Autumn 2014

Editorial Inner Sydney Voice – Autumn 2014
Autumn 2014 / Disability Services / Editorial

Editorial Inner Sydney Voice – Autumn 2014

In the Autumn 2014 edition of Inner Sydney Voice we investigate some aspects of community safety as well as the housing system in the lead up to the upper house Inquiry. We also look at the implications of agencies loosing block funding in Ageing and Disability. This editorial provides an overview to the stories and and links to them.

Two examples of designs using CPTED proposed for Hamilton South NSW by Jessica Wong and Rohan Lulham. Designing Out Crime Research Centre 2011
Autumn 2014 / Urban Development

Preventing crime through better design

Careful design of public spaces and buildings can help prevent crime and make us feel safer. It has its basis in the origins of crime prevention, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and more recent approaches.

City West Affordable Housing planned for North Eveleigh
Autumn 2014 / Housing / Urban Development

Affordable housing and the planning law debate

Affordable housing mechanisms emerged as one of the areas of contention in the NSW Government’s 2013 proposal to change the planning laws. What was at stake?

Waterloo Mosaic Project Community arts projects can help address graffiti. Projects that involve the community in designing and building artwork are much less likely to be vandalised because the community own, protect and respect them.
Autumn 2014 / Community Safety

Confronting Fear of Crime

Fear can have a big impact on how we see and interact with those around us. Here we explore some of the human cost of our fear of crime and what can be done about it.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore with Tenant Representative Rick O’Meara at the Ward Park Public Toilet opening.
Autumn 2014 / Community Safety

Open spaces make happy faces

Access to open space is crucial in high density neighbourhoods so understandably residents using Ward Park are concerned about what happens when their open space it is not available.

The Deck of Dreams is one of the components of City of Sydney Narratives Project.
Autumn 2014 / Community Safety / Health

A Helping Hand for Mental Health

Stories from a new resource kit highlight what a small group of people can achieve in supporting people with mental health issues in the Inner City.

Autumn 2014 / Community Engagement / Community Safety / Health

Beyond Walls: My Mondays in Waterloo

For more than a year I’ve been sitting behind a desk in a glass and concrete high-rise in North Sydney, and it’s had me reminiscing about Mondays gone by in Waterloo, where I used to have the opportunity to work with staff from The Factory Community Centre on some of their Beyond Walls events.

Figure 1: Percentage change in the motor vehicle theft rate by Metropolitan SSD (2012 vs 2000)
Autumn 2014 / Community Safety / Domestic Violence / Judicial System

Property crime decline

Beneath the headlines, NSW has experienced a significant decline in property crime since 2000 with large reductions in burglary, motor vehicle theft, steal from motor vehicle, robberies and other property offences. Some of the greatest reductions are in the inner city.

Autumn 2014 / Housing / Parliamentary Process

Two houses colliding

To help understand the Planning Bill amendments and the uncertainty at the time of writing below we have explained how legislation is made in the NSW parliament which is made up of The Legislative Assembly (the lower house) and The Legislative Council (the upper house).

In 1914 Strickland House Chippendale was built as the first public housing project in Sydney, being the prototype for low income or worker’s housing.
Autumn 2014 / Housing

Social housing and heritage

Social housing is not just a roof over tenants’ heads; it is an important part of our heritage but what are the interactions between social housing and heritage?