Pyrmont Ultimo - (C) Elizabeth Elenius
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The Pyrmont and Ultimo Experience

Planning for urban growth is big news at the moment. The Government is forging ahead with its new planning legislation, its Metro Sydney Strategy and new transport system, not to mention changes to the Local Government Act. Its objective is to streamline the planning system to enable massive new developments in identified growth centres throughout the Sydney metropolitan area, including inner Sydney. It is therefore timely, to look back over twenty years of urban consolidation in Pyrmont and Ultimo, now the densest urban area in Australia.

Inner Voice December / January 1981 article on Waterloo - the film that took 3 years to make
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Review: Waterloo the Film – from Inner Voice 1981

In 2008 I watched Waterloo, a documentary by filmmaker Tom Zubrycki, and I was left wondering why I’d not taken the time to watch before. “Waterloo” is an historical account of the 1970s battle by residents of this inner Sydney suburb of Waterloo to save the area from ‘slum clearance’ and redevelopment by the old Housing Commission.

Graphic: Randwick UAP Draft Plan as at August 2013: Showing relationship between new light rail corridor in blue and the proposed built form to
Environment / Housing / Summer 2013-14 / Transport / Urban Development

The Shapers of Things to Come

The face of inner Sydney is set for big changes over the next couple of decades with many communities already uneasy about what is planned for their neighbourhoods. What is driving some of the changes inner Sydney communities are and will be facing?