At Inner Sydney Voice, we oversee a number of key projects:

  • Central Sydney North Tenant Participation Resource Service – supports, advocates and resources tenants and tenant group through the provision of free training in tenant participation and encourages opportunities for tenants to become involved in decision-making processes.
  • Eastern Sydney Sector Support and Development – provides support to existing services through the Eastern Sydney HACC Forum and looks at bigger picture issues such as planning and development of services, identifying needs and liaising with other health and disability services.
  • Information and Community Development Project – we provide information and facilitate community development projects that strengthen communities and builds the capacity of the community sector.
  • The Annual Marg Barry Memorial Lecture – educates and engages local residents, activists and community groups on topics such as the global financial crisis, the changing nature of neighbourhoods and the need to build electronic communities.
  • Waterloo Redevelopment Capacity Building Project – provides the community, especially the social housing tenants in Waterloo with the tools so they may participate and contribute in a meaningful way to the Masterplanning of the Waterloo estate.
  • Community Resilience Innovation Program – You can contact Samuel Beattie, the Project Officer for the Community Resilience Innovation Program, by email at or by phone on Ph (02) 9698 7690. Samuel is normally available Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
  • Cadre Connect – Mental Health Community Watch


Photo: Meeting held by our tenant participation service.